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I just type words and cry.

. When Two Are One

When Two Are One PROLOGUE   It was a dark, glorious night. The moon shined miraculously, glistening above the majestic tower. Stars twinkled brightly, countless of them positioned against the full moon. A young man stood behind a huge glass window; his dark emerald eyes staring ever so stunningly at the moon. His face showed nothing but awe, yet his mouth was kept in a tight line. His long, red robe covered his body. His long, tea green hair cascaded down his back, only pulled back by a small strand of ponytail.
   "Zorr…" The tricky fox Pokémon purred lovingly, catching the teenager's attention. The young man stared down, his lips finally pursing a small smile at the little creature. He bent down on one knee, his hands petting the tricky fox's head. The little one barked a giggle, nuzzling his head on his friend's palm.
   The green-haired boy smiled wider, enjoying the adorable scene.
   "My Lord."
   His smile disappeared i
When Two Are One 1   When the speech was over, everyone began to clear out. They soon saw the image of the knightly group disappear out of their sight. There stood in the crowd were two teenagers: One man and one woman. The man, dark hair and spectacled, crossed his arms. His head and mind boggled on the sage's cunning words. Separate Pokémon?, he bewilderedly thought. That's inhumane. Pokémon are needed alongside trainers to prove one's strength. "What do you think, White?" he asked. After a few minutes of no respond, Cheren turned his head to his left. "White?"
   The brunette stood a few feet away from her friend, eyes shimmering in faint tears as she saw a few people releasing their Pokémon. It was heartbreaking. Not only were humans posing such a guilty and sad expression, but the Pokémon themselves were confused and devastated as soon as they realized they were being released.
   "But mommy…I love Pipi…" She heard a small girl's cry. White gazed to her right. A small little
When Two Are One 2   "So this is the Dreamyard…" White murmured as she walked inside the rundown building. Isaac stood on her shoulder, eyes focused and alert around him.
   "Wow. For a broken place, this place sure is beautiful!" Bianca squealed in joy and began clapping her hands. White couldn't help but giggle at the blonde's action. Bianca was easily amused. Whether it was a sunny day at a festival, or a huge downpour and being stuck inside the house, Bianca will always find the positive way of life.
   "Yeah. I guess it's pretty." The brunette's head turned left and right. "We better hurry up and find a Munna for Fennel if we wanna help her with her ex-"
   Both the girls stopped. Both eyes were on each other, and both having the same thoughts: What was that?

   The sound was getting louder – almost like crying in pain. White looked forward. She could see a small pink figure and two tall beings between it. Unwarily, she ran closer. A loud gasp b
When Two Are One 3   "Alright! It's battle time!" White tapped her cheeks a few times while giving herself motivational words. "You can do this. You've beaten the Striaton leaders. Isaac handled his disadvantage before just fine. Besides, you have Marcus and Dexter now. So the chance of you winning is right there in front of your eyes." The brunette flashed a determined smile. She stood before the huge building: Nacrene Gym. The young woman huffed a few times and gave herself a pat on the chest. "Go me!" White shouted in triumph and dashed towards the door.
   But instead of touching the glass panel, her hand touched a sturdy chest.
   White froze. Unfortunately, her ability of stopping immediately sucks, so she ended up slamming the mysterious person.
   "Oof!" Her nose bumped on the chest. White pulled back, rubbing her slightly swollen nose. "Oww…" She felt a pair of hands gripping her arms. Quickly, the teenage trainer snapped her head upwards.
   Wide aqua eyes met wide emerald eyes.

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Dragons of Ideals and Truths were once one; forced to battle to defend their respective heroes' beliefs.

Now, two different trainers must face their fate and realize that they are so much alike than they could ever imagined...

1. Ferriswheelshipping
2. The original BW plot with slight changes.
3. A stubborn, badass White.
4. A serious yet secretly childlike N.
5. A plot twist of an ending.

. Hollow Demon

- DONE -
Hollow Demon PROLOGUE   So, this is life.
   It's funny, really. How a person's reason to live and be happy can be snatched away in seconds. The first minute, you're actually smiling; actually thinking that there is no wrong in this world.
   The next minute: Your life is destroyed and dead before your very eyes, with your soul hanging in the balance.
   You just can't be happy forever, can't you?
   I can't be happy forever, can't I?
Hollow Demon 1   Silver mumbled in his sleep. His lips pressed shut, cringing at the dreams dancing in his mind. "Nng…" he murmured unconsciously. "Go away Feraligatr…I'm not…toast…" Silver could feel a warm breath caressing his face. His eyebrows twitched uncomfortably. He moved his hand to his face, swatting the disturbing air away.
   Suddenly, oxygen was cut off from him.
   Silver tried to inhale, but to no avail. He felt his nose being tightly pressed. He gasped loudly, synonym with the time his eyes opened wide.
   The redhead was shocked out of his mind to see a smiling brunette pinching his nose.
   "Morning," Kotone purred lovingly.
   "Gahh!" Silver yelled madly. The shock made him jump, and ended up falling from bed. He groaned in ache for his butt. Kotone laughed enjoyably. Without guilt, she plopped her butt on Silver's bed, her lips smiling at the growling redhead.
   "What are you doing here?!" he shouted irritatingly. "And how the hell did you get in?!"
   The wo

Hollow Demon 2   Kotone hummed blissfully as she flipped crispy golden-brown bacons. The scent was deliciously flowing inside the house, acting as ecstasy to the Pokémon's nostrils.
   'Bacon bacon bacon bacon!!' The huge water starter roared in anticipation. He stormed towards the table filled with delicious breakfast treats, but Typhlosion quickly halted his hungry best friend.
   'Damn it! Calm down will ya? Kotone is finishing her last batch,' the fire starter growled at Feraligatr. But the water starter deemed ignorant at his friend's comment.
   Kotone giggled to see their antics. She went to the next pan and flipped an egg. It was true. The scent was mouth watering. The brunette huffed in pride. She was proud to have her mother's excellent cooking skills.
   Kotone, Mewtwo said as he stood next to the daydreaming woman, arms crossed against his chest. I don't mean to be rude, but don't you think you shou
Hollow Demon 3   "Kotone," Silver huffed angrily. "How long do we have to wait here?"
   The brunette hopped joyfully, eyes on the ocean. "The boat's arriving in a few minutes. Be patient, Silver." They waited at the pier. A few people were walking about, also waiting for their respective guests. Sneasel purred lovingly on the woman's head. Typhlosion eyed the sharp claw in envy. Silver crossed his arms, rolling his eyes in irritation. He hates being crowded. Silver just wanted to sit at home and sleep all day long.
   Before he could rant some more, the boat arrived at the pier.
   "They're here!" Kotone quickly tugged Silver's wrist, almost making him unstable. She pulled him into the large crowd.
   "H-h-hey!" Silver shouted frantically, trying to release himself. But Kotone's grip was tight as metal. Finally, they stopped near the boat's exit. The redhead massaged his throbbing forehead, silver eyes glaring sharply at his

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Years have passed since the traumatizing time travel incident. Despite himself, Silver was happy. He has his Pokemon who loves and respects him. He lives a stable and content life. Plus, he has Kotone: The light and reason of his existence. All was well for Silver. He has leave his past behind him for a new future.

That is...until Team Rocket decides to come back with a darker plan; a plot that will steal his happiness - for good.

Sequel to Broken Abyss

1. Soulsilvershipping
2. Slight Ferriswheelshipping
3. Team Rocket Executives
4. Silver being tortured physically and mentally HAHA
5. Angst Romance Sad Happy YES NO yea idk

. Jackass of my heart

Do you ever just see a character and go from hysterical laughter to hysterical sobbing?

By うさお

He's just a poor lost child who wanted love and admiration,

"I hate the weak. Pokémon, trainers. It doesn't matter who or what. I'm going to be strong and wipe out the weak. That goes for Team Rocket too. They act big and tough in a group. But get them alone, and they're weak. I hate them all. You stay out of my way. A weakling like you is only a distraction."

but all he's ever gotten were betrayal and humiliation.

By ameru

. Ferriswheelshipping

What if I tell you that the most innocent of them all is the most corrupted?

N Natural Harmonia Gropius HAHAHA x Hilda/Touko

What do you see when you face a man with a hollow childhood?
Do you help him? Make him see the wrong in his right? Or do you fight him? Stop him from the disastrous future he promises to bestow?

Both art is by クエン

But most importantly, do you stay by his side when the world rejects a warped, defective boy?


. eyy

i am just a student who's going to teach students

if i am missing, my body should be found here

Stamp - Mindfuck by Creepiest Stamp - Lazy - Writers version by DragoN-FX heebie-jeebies by cockrocket

. Pokemon

:iconrainicorndividerplz::iconrainicorndivider2plz::iconrainicorndivider2plz::iconrainicorndivider3plz::iconrainicorndivider4plz: :iconmind-blue:

"Now young trainer, let your adventure begin!"

"You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth!"

"Congratulations on becoming the new Pokemon Champion!"

. Fire Emblem

I have never been so obsessed with a game since Pokemon.

Fuck this stupid shitty game.


Out of curiosity, when WTAO is done, which of these longterm fics (click here) would you like to me to continue/start? 

23 deviants said Pleasant Wishes (soulsilvershipping with a dash of stupid n unseriousness n silver will be the main idiot yas)
10 deviants said When One is Just (a sequel to when two are one n is mstly focused on mei mORE PAIN YES)
10 deviants said Ecstatic Requiem (soulsilvershipping only this one has 1000x thE PAIN THAN HOLLOW DEMON)
6 deviants said Traumst Du (akatsukishipping with young cyrus on the line eyyeye will be a remake tho)
1 deviant said Ticking Turmoil (this is gretelshipping SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER also young ghetsis YA)


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