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March 29, 2012
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   What have I done…?

   The night was cold. The wind blew harshly, giving off a loud wheeze; as if mocking my consequences. My eyes stared blankly into the huge, empty, dark room. Everything was grand in my office room. Everything looked almost regal. My trophies stood proud on its shelves. My gold medals dangled on each hook on the wall, emanating a 'cling clang' sound as it bumped against one another.

   The sound got louder.

   It echoed like a beating of a drum.

   It was laughter to my entire downfall.

   I closed my ears shut with my gloved hands. I cringed on my seat.

   Tick. Tock.

   The clock ticked and tocked, harmonizing with the sounds of my medals.

   Tick. Tock. Clang.

   Tick. Tock. Clang.




   I hissed between my gritted teeth and shook my head. My eyes were closed tightly, trying to remove the horrible sound away.

   "Oncie, I am very disappointed in you."

   With my closed eyes, I could see my mother walking away from me. Her expression was one in disgrace. Her back was facing me. Her eyes didn't even give a single glance at me. My whole family laughed at my failure. My brothers, Brett and Chet cackled the loudest, jeering and ridiculing at my faults.

   "Once a loser, always a loser!"

   "Yeah! Ya such a loser, even Ma ain't lovin' ya!"

   My jaw tightened on each word. It hurts, but I didn't give a damn. My hands rolled into fists, yet still stayed near to my ears. I felt my eyes getting wet. The puffs under my eyes were getting puffier. The reds around my sclera were becoming redder.

   Everyone laughed at me. Everyone belittled me. Even with all the success I had obtained, everyone – in the end – left me. They all brought me down. They all cast me away. No trophies, no medals; not even a shower of marshmallows will heal what was broken inside of me.

   "You broke your promise."

   My body froze for a second. That voice; the voice of the only friend I had. I could hear it perfectly in my ears. My fists cupped my face. A vision of the animals danced in my mind. Something orange and fluffy stood in between, his hand holding the smallest Brown Bar-ba-loot's – Pipsqueak's – paw. Even with the furry moustache, his frown was all I could see. The sorrow gleam in his eyes was all I could perceive. The more I looked at him, the more I knew what he was feeling towards me: Disappointment and heartbroken.

   All of them were heartbroken for what I had done.

   Guys… I could see my own mouth open, speaking and calling out for them. My feet slowly moved towards them, arms reaching out to be held. Guys…it's me. Don't be afraid…

   They didn't move, much to my relief. I slowly walked faster, almost jogging. Yes. They were still here for me. Even with all the mess I'd made, even with them now being scared and mortified of me, they stood still, as if waiting for me to come to them. My blue eyes met Pipsqueak's gaze. Oh how I missed my little teddy Bar-ba-loot. The cub was so innocent; so gentle and kind. He didn't deserve to pay for my sin. All he needed was love and a place to stay. And sadly, I had ruined it. A smile twitched at the edge of my lip, trying to give him an assuring response.

   Hey guys…Lorax…Pip…I'm here. Don't be-


   Suddenly, a maniacal laugh burst in my eardrums. I could see myself stopping instantly, shocked by the sound. I was a few feet away from my animal friends.

   But also, in a blink of an eye, something – a dark cloud – zoomed right towards them. It was thicker than smoke. It was darker than an abyss. The thick fog formed an opened mouth, its jagged fangs flashing.

   And swallowed my friends whole.

   I could see myself be bewildered in utmost fear. Blood rushed right through my head. Teary eyes widened as round as plates.

   Blood was all I could see.

   I couldn't breathe right. Puddles of blood were everywhere. Soon, the darkness faded, showing thousands of chopped down Truffula trees before my very eyes. The sky was dark and gloomy. Skeletons and corpses of animal were seen on the ground, being slowly nibbled by mites and flies.

   I quickly opened my eyes, mouth gasping for air.

   It was just my imagination. My terrible, horrifying imagination.

   -You like it, Oncie?-

   I grimaced at the voice. It sounded so familiar, so peculiar. It sounded like…

   -I gotta admit. I couldn't have done it without you.-

   All of a sudden, the same fog that killed my friends halted in front of my desk. I coughed out the excess smoke. The cloud was too thick; almost poisonous for my lungs. My hands moved around to wash out the filthy air. The fog twirled around, slowly forming into a figure of a human being.

   -Thanks to your dreams and dedication, you finally got what you want. Ain't that grand?-

   Longs arms reached out of the black tornado. The fog lifted, and a body was shown. My own body was frozen to the max. I couldn't move, neither could I fidget. I just sat there, aghast at the sudden appearance of this monster.

   Finally, it revealed its face – my face.

   The 'monster' was me.

   My 'evil' self flashed a devious smirk. Fangs were seen rather than teeth. A drip of blood trailed down the edge of its lip. Its eyes were the eyes of a snake. Its suit was green like mine, but was splotched with red dots and a few withered Truffula leaves. He gave a small bow like how a gentleman should.  

   My body felt numb in my seat. What… That was the only word occupied in my mind. How can this be happening? Who – what – is this? Everything was attacking my mind all at once as I sat there, blue eyes locking on the demon bowing before me. The monster stood up straight, mouth curving a wide smirk. My breathing became uneven. My heart pounded my chest like it was about to burst. All I could see was myself; my greedy self smiling at me with utter, terrifying joy.

   The monster inched closer to me, hands pressing against the wooden desk. –And you wanna know the best part, Oncie?- It spoke, voice broken and hoarse like from a child's nightmare.

   "No…" My mouth wheezed, but the words were faint even to my ears. Make it go away…No…

   Sadly, the demon moved closer and closer. As distance began to close in on us, its eyes was slowly glowing into a darker shade of red. The demon licked its lip, giving off more traces of dark red blood.

   And in those grim eyes, I saw the trees and animal die.

   -All of this…- It whispered acidly, –is because of YOU!-

   "ENOUGH!!!" I screamed out loud, feeling my throat cracking by the shriek. My body automatically stood right up and my hands slammed the desk hard. I felt like a brick had hit my head. My eyes stung horribly at the constant crying. Even my palms felt sore at the sudden bash of the thick wooden table.

   Finally, I opened my eyes. My breathing stopped for a moment.

   For all I could see was nothing.

   The green-suited demon was gone.

   My head moved left and right, eyes frantically looking around. My mouth remained open and hanging, inhaling all the disgusted air that was now covering the world. It took a minute to realize what just happened.

   I was imagining things again.


   This was worst than imagination. This time, for certain, it was hallucination.

   I was hallucinating.

   My arms trembled. My knees felt weak. My head felt heavy. My body slumped down to the seat. Out of reflex, I tore off my fedora and threw it to the ground. My eyes stared at my shaking hands.

   Because of me, I had torn down every last Truffula tree until there was no more. Because of me, I had destroyed the animals' habitat and forced them to move away. Because of me, I broke my promise and shattered my only friend's heart. Because of me, the world is slowly dying. Because of me, I had turned into a monster; the bad guy.

   All for the sake of greed and wealth.

   My hands moved to my black hair, slowly sliding down to cup my face. I cried silently. I wanted to scream, but my will to do anything was no longer present. I sat there motionlessly like a broken mannequin.

   What have I done…?

I should be doing homework :iconderpplz:

So....while I was eating cereal this afternoon (yes I rarely wake up in the morning GO ME AND MY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE), I thought to myself, OHAI LET'S DO A DEVASTATED ONCE-LER THAT HE ENDED UP HALLUCINATING AND BREAKING DOWN INTO AN INSANE MAN :iconlawooplz:

Aaaaaaa the poor bb! :icondragonweep: You see, reasons why I love Once-ler is not just because he's an adorable little derp-turn-maniac. But it's because he's sorry for all that he's done. Sure he got overwhelmed by greed but who isn't? He's sorry and he feels extremely miserable about it. He's not the bad guy. He's just human like you and me :iconcryforeverplz: OH GOD FEELINGS KJAFHSHDLS :iconemoluigiplz:


Now excuse me while I pick up what's left of my emotions and try to finish real life :meow:
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MadJesters1 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Student Filmographer
Lovely story. Sad, but lovely :]
FieryFafar Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student Writer
Yiiiii! Thank you! :iconblushplz:
DeixTobiallyaoi Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Student General Artist
this story.. delivers the emotions of once-ler so well
FieryFafar Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student Writer
Nuuuu live hun live! :nuu: Yiiiii thank you so very much! That means a lot that you say I deliver his emotions well :meow:
DeixTobiallyaoi Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Student General Artist
kkkk :iconnoproblemplz:
it does? ahahha~ well it's true! u did a great job! be proud of urself!
writers like you make a good day for me
IceQueenAzure Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the twisted ending.
FieryFafar Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student Writer
Eheeee. Thank you :meow:
Summercatxo Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AAAAAA ONCE-LER HORROR IS AWESOME. hey, have u watched 'The Princess and the Frog'? I like Dr. Facilier~
FieryFafar Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Student Writer
YIIII IKR! GREEDY! ONCE-LER IS JUST HEARTBREAKING AND HEART-THROBBING! :iconexcitedlaplz: Aaaaaaa yes I did! And Dr. Facilier is just one badass villain! Aaaaa I just love the whole setting of that movie :iconblushplz:
Summercatxo Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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